Charge Point Operators of India


CPOS is an association representing The Charge Point Operators of India. CPOS works closely with the Central and State Governments to assist in the formulation of policies, guidelines, SOPs and processes supporting the development & proliferation of the EV ecosystem in India. CPOS has contributed significantly to the cause of the promotion of EVs in the country under the guidelines of NEMMP-2020 and FAME II policies and ensuring "Atmanirbhar Bharat". CPOS is keen to play an active role in the discussion of the issues faced by the Charge Point Operators and other practical aspects to help enhance the penetration of Electric Vehicles and improve customer experience related to their use.

CPOS is the perfect platform to hold interaction between all the stakeholders namely EV OEMs, EV Vendors, Battery companies ( product & service), EV Infra companies including IT Enabled Service (ITES), AI/IoT, Analytics and of course the Central & State Govts. as we move forward into an age where alternative energy-efficient modes of transportation would be in demand. The era of Electric Vehicle Technology has arrived as it carries tremendous potential being environment–friendly, non-polluting, renewable and sustainable means of transportation.

CPOS aims to play a significant role in the coming days while working on the ground with the govt. policies to strengthen the proliferation of Charging Stations, Charge Points, Batteries and overall Ease of Doing Business in the Cities, Towns and connecting National & State Highways on pan India basis to begin with.

In this regard, we cordially invite the participation of all the stakeholders who wish to be a part of this ecosystem & journey.

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